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The Role

Leadlifetime is looking for strong candidates who have the ability to identify and then target the up and coming trend setters within their country. They should attract users using strategic marketing methods such as event management, sponsorship, social media, partnerships and press as well as building a team of Brand Ambassadors to promote out App to increase brand awareness.

We Require Brand Ambassadors in

➜ Denmark
➜ United States
➜ Austria
➜ Belgium
➜ U.K.
➜ Spain
➜ Denmark
➜ Finland
➜ France
➜ Mexico
➜ Netherlands
➜ Norway
➜ Poland
➜ Singapore
➜ South Africa
➜ Sweden
➜ United Arab Emirates


➜ Previous user of Leadlifetime is a big bonus
➜ Social influencer since birth
➜ Solid contacts in media and/or entertainments industry
➜ Great communication skills
➜ Self-motivated and hard working
➜ Outgoing lifestyle and social life

Work Enviroment

The role is truly a case of what you put in, you will get out. You will keep in regular communication with the Head of Sales wich will provide you the tools and help you need. You will also


You will earn commission based on incoming users in your market. This is paid annually.


To apply enter a contact e-mail address and click JOIN! Your aplication will be sent to our Marketing dept. to evaluate if you are the right candidate and you will receive a response within a week!

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